Think of it as staking crypto, yielding property

B4Finance Property Loans

Why should holders of digital wealth be treated as second-class citizens by banks and mortgage brokers? Yes, Bitcoin is volatile – but it’s also the most powerful and fast-growing asset class in human history.

So why then, until now, have holders of some of the most valuable electronic currencies in the world had to put down so much collateral – sometimes up to twice the value of their new property?

Especially when the property is held as collateral until the loan matures as well?

Our unique two-phase lending program, in conjunction with our funding partner Pegasus, identifies and incorporates both digital and tangible assets, leading to our phenomenally low crypto collateral requirements – which means leveraging your digital wealth to diversify into real estate just became much easier… and much more powerful.

The New Way

To Use Crypto To Buy Property


Your crypto is valuable. Simply unlock the amount needed for your property deposit in cash by collateralising as little as 1.5 times that much in crypto for up to four years - with nothing payable until loan maturity.


Only have enough crypto for a property deposit? No problem, we are able to organise combined lending seamlessly. Our friendly team will walk you through the process and seek the best rates to suit your situation.


At the end of the four year period (once the crypto portion matures), use your increased equity in your property to refinance your mortgage and clear your crypto.


Now, you're simply sitting on a standard home loan, with your crypto back in your wallet ready to get to work again. More staking? More collateralising? More property? The options are yours.


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Step-by-step breakdown

Like it broken down further?

Step One

Hodl, stake, yield, save - however you make your crypto work for you, you'll need collateral in order to get your deposit. But unlike existing crypto-focused lending providers, with us, you don't need to save up the entire value of the property you're interested in to be in the position to make a purchase. With our two-phase lending products, you can get into a new home using as little as 15% of the property value.

Step Two

You've got your crypto - let's turn that into a cash deposit. We collateralise your funds (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, SOL, BNB or USDT) into a four-year loan (shorter terms available on request) to give you enough fiat to put down a deposit on your property. The best part? Nothing is payable until the loan matures. No principal, no interest - giving you time to concentrate on increasing your equity... or your gains.

Step Three

Now you've got the cash to put down a deposit for the property of your choice, it's simple - we'll help you get a property loan at highly competitive rates, in exactly the same fashion as usual. In fact, it's even better than that - because our brokers will tailor a bespoke package from a range of offerings for you, making sure you're receiving the best rates available - and beating the banks from day one.

Step Four

After four years, the loan you took against your crypto has matured. At that point, we can help you refinance against the equity in your new property - finalising the original loan and releasing all your crypto back into your wallet, ready to be put to work again! Of course, there are plenty of other options as well - we're all about flexibility. But here's the final result - after using as little as 15% of the property value in crypto, you now have 100% of your collateral back in your pocket... after just four years.


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How does it look in practice?

Imagine John...

John holds $150,000 worth of crypto, in a mix of BTC and ETH. He wants to buy a house, but he also doesn’t want to sell his crypto.

He’s looking at a property worth $1M. Until now, he’d need to keeping hodling until he had $1M worth of crypto. But now, after applying through B4Finance and being approved for a loan with a 10% deposit, he simply collateralises $150,000 worth of his crypto. He then receives a $100,000 fiat (AUD) loan, which he uses as the deposit. Simple.

For the first four years, he simply repays his property loan as standard. After four years, the crypto loan matures – but he’s already paid off a chunk of his home loan. So we help John redraw $100,000 on the equity in his property, and he uses those funds to pay out the crypto loan.

Now John’s got his $150,000 worth of crypto back in his wallet (including any gains he’s made in the meantime), and one simple property loan. He’s free to reinvest his crypto, or stake it, or explore any of the exciting possibilities crypto allows.

But he gets to do it all from his own property… which he bought by intelligently leveraging his crypto.

The game has changed.


Get your property loan now

Important information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The borrower has 100% upside potential - which means that the entirety of your collateralised crypto is released back to you once the original loan has matured, including any gains.

  • The property loan is subject to all standard due diligence and serviceability checks, and the property remains under mortgage for the term of the loan (as standard) - but as the crypto loan is over-collateralised, it issued without recourse, meaning no additional checks or guarantees are required.

  • If the value of the crypto collateral drops to less than 70% of the value on the date of issue, a margin call is issued and borrowers have five days to add additional capital. If borrowers are unable to make this payment, the collateral is liquidated and the amount exceeding the principal (plus remaining interest) is returned to the borrower.

  • Please press the terms and conditions link in the footer of this page to read all the details.