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It's time to liberate the true power of crypto wealth.


For too long, lenders and financiers have mistrusted the new economy, refusing to allow the game to change by requiring impossibly high levels of collateralisation, and charging rates that seemed almost punitive.


No more.


We provide a simple, stable, and reliable way to turn your crypto wealth into capital without the downsides of selling your assets. 


Whether it is a personal loan for purchasing an investment, a business loan for improvements or stock purchase, or even lending for purchasing a property... we are here to help.

What We’re Offering

Crypto Loans Services

Property Loans

As little as 15% of the property value required as collateral. Returned in full plus 100% upside at loan end. Bank-beating rates and flexibility.

Business Loans

Our crypto-backed business loans help you to unlock cashflow right now with none of the tedious requirements of traditional financing.

Personal Loans

B4Finance allows you to borrow against your crypto at stable rates over long periods for any personal investment you require cash for.


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Flexible and Quick Crypto Loans

We are bridging the divide between Trad-Fi and the new blockchain economy with the goal of merging the positive qualities of both sides of the equation. 

The Process

So how does it work?

Unique markets require unique products which is precisely what we provide. 

Crypto was supposed to be about freedom. About taking back control. For a lot of people, the last few years have been the exact opposite.

We’re here to help you leverage the power of the new economy and not only recover, but thrive.

What’s the point in amassing significant stores of digital wealth, if you can’t use it to enrich your life?

Our lending services allow you to access the liquidity you need for life’s ups and downs… or to securely activate your next trading strategy.


Review the options we have available


Use our partner Pegasus's lending calculator to see what your crypto unlocks


Review subsequent terms of lending and complete general application


Receive funds in as little as 5 days directly in your bank account


Repay loan, plus interst, at the end of the term in one simple payment


Your crypto is returned back to your designated wallet along with all gains achieved over duration of loan




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